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200m 200m

Smart Real Estate

Owning a bigger space demands higher customer volume, more orders, and larger inventory to justify its cost.

~12* ~12*

Staff required

Running a larger operation necessitates increased spending on front-of-house labor and insurance.

~12* ~12*

Weeks to launch

The process of identifying, constructing, obtaining permits, and initiating your own space could span over a year.

500k* 500k*


A hefty initial investment signifies a larger loan and escalated risk exposure.

~3 m* ~3 m*

Time to Break-Even

A time span of five years is required to attain a 10% profit on a 1M MAD annual turnover

~1* ~1*

Cuisine Limitation

The traditional restaurant model typically permits only one or two unique brands per location, limiting revenue potential and increasing overhead.