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Restaurants Transformed

We're revolutionizing the very concept of a kitchen. In this new landscape, efficient delivery takes center stage, expenses are pared down, and profit potential is elevated. Your primary task? Just focus on your culinary craft.


Your Recipe for Business Expansion

Launch Your Kitchen in No Time

Start sizzling in mere weeks. We simplify the process of setting up your own kitchen, whether you're starting from scratch or bringing an existing brand into a new territory.

Minimal Risk, Maximum Rewards

Transitioning into our kitchens is straightforward and economical. Say goodbye to the upfront expenses of traditional restaurant setup. By cutting down on front-end staff and overheads, you pocket a larger portion of the profits.

Extend your culinary reach

Gain immediate access to a fresh crowd of customers. Our kitchens are strategically placed in delivery hubs populated by a large number of food enthusiasts who regularly place online orders.

Harness Tech for Efficiency

Control your entire restaurant operation from a single device. Consolidate all your orders in one app, connect all your delivery channels, and utilize analytics and tools to help manage your business effectively.

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Launch Your Kitchen Fast

With Jibly Cloud Kitchen, go from concept to cooking in no time. We streamline the process, making it easier than ever to launch a new brand or extend an existing one to a fresh market.

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Save Money, Boost Profits

Move into our ready-to-use kitchens with minimal upfront costs. No need for a costly brick-and-mortar establishment or front-of-house staff. This means more profits directly in your pocket.

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Reach More Foodies

With Jibly, your delicious creations can reach a broader audience. We strategically locate our kitchens in delivery hotspots, ensuring your food is always within reach of hungry customers ready to order online.

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Smart Real Estate
Staff required
Weeks to launch
Real Estate
Staff required
Weeks to launch

Kitchens Kitchens

MealSpace Ben Guerir: Revolutionizing Dining. Situated in vibrant Ben Guerir, MealSpace is a modern cloud kitchen empowering culinary innovators. Our facility amplifies your reach, sending your unique flavors straight to the city's eager food lovers. With MealSpace, you're not just cooking—you're reshaping Ben Guerir dining experience.
Cloud Kitchen Rabat: Serving Tastes Beyond Borders. Nested in the heart of Rabat, we provide a dynamic platform for culinary creativity. Our state-of-the-art facility allows your innovative dishes to connect with the city's vast food enthusiasts. Cloud Kitchen Rabat - transforming the way Rabat enjoys food, one delivery at a time.
Casablanca Culinary Cloud: Where Global Flavors Meet Local Tastes. Stationed in the bustling city of Casablanca, we provide a cutting-edge environment for gastronomic imagination. Our advanced cloud kitchen enables your unique recipes to reach a wider audience of food lovers. Casablanca Culinary Cloud - reshaping Casablanca's food scene, one meal at a time.

Trusted Experience

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

Samira El Haroui

Samira El Haroui

Tacos de Nantes
Abdelkader Bejaoui

Abdelkader Bejaoui

Casablanca Cuisine
Fatima Zahra Aboukir

Fatima Zahra Aboukir

Zahra's Fez Flavors
Hamza Rahmani

Hamza Rahmani

Rahmani's Bena

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