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20m2 20m2

Smart Real Estate

Only pay for the essential space you use, eliminating the waste of vacant dining and waiting areas.

~4* ~4*

Staff required

Complete support personnel provided, reducing team size and front-of-house requirements.

~6* ~6*

Weeks to launch

Our kitchens are ready for immediate use, with assistance provided in navigating the regulatory landscape.

30k* 30k*


Bypass the extensive startup costs of a traditional restaurant and fast-track your path to profitability.

~3 m* ~3 m*

Time to Break-Even

Achieve a break-even point in just 5 months with a 12% profit margin and $1.2M in annual turnover.

~15+* ~15+*

Cuisine Flexibility

The ability to host and manage over 150 unique virtual brands from a single kitchen, increasing revenue potential without added overhead.